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I decided to make this WEB site so that anyone considering, planning, or in the middle of a Falcon restoration, or even anyone just working on their Falcon, might possibly gain some tips from my experience of actually taking one totally apart and putting it back together again. I am not an expert in automobile restoration. In fact, even though I have quite a bit of automotive mechanical experience, this is the first car I have ever fully restored “from the ground up”.


As the process of dismantling the car progressed, I realized I was seeing parts of the car that most owners would never see under normal circumstances. Many questions had been asked on the Falcon discussion groups about areas of the car I was now seeing, and answering their questions without a picture to assist in the discussion was difficult. I realized many Falcon owners might benefit if they could actually see every part of the car, both major and minor,  being worked on. It would increase their ability to work on their own car if they could see the same section of the car dismantled, refurbished, and reassembled before they do the work themselves. This gives a person some confidence to try something he or she has wanted to do to their car, but didn't know how or even where to start. Even if someone is looking for information on another area of their car than is being covered on an individual edition of this web site, they might see in the background of a photo on one subject, the exact routing of a cable or wire, or the proper placement of a part they are working on at that time.


For these reasons, I decided to set up this web site detailing a full restoration. As I began disassembling the car, I video taped much of the detail--especially those things I had not taken apart before over the years. Many of the still photos herein are taken from that video. Most photos, however, were shot with various digital still cameras. In order to save bandwidth and speed up page loading times, most photos are shot at low resolutions and have some compression artifacts. However, I feel the photos and illustrations are of sufficient quality to get the point across. All illustrations from the 1964 or 1965 Falcon Shop Manuals are used pursuant to permission granted by Ford Motor Company.


As mentioned above, the car that is the subject of this web site is a 1964 Falcon Sprint Convertible. This is the first car I ever owned. I bought it in 1972 while I was in high school and learned to work on cars by overhauling most everything on it in auto shop. When I got the car it had sat under a plum tree for almost two years. The Ragoon Red paint had weathered to a dull pink and the plums had left purple stains, so I had a pink with purple poke dot car. In addition the convertible top had a two to three foot long tear in it so the interior of the car was quite damp, full of leaves, and smelled of mildew. The starter motor was shot and the exhaust pipes were broken at the "Y" collector. My good friend and I polished the paint to its original color and shine, installed a new top, and worked on the exhaust and starter motor. We cleaned out the interior and pulled the carpets to dry. My mother helped me sew up several tears in the seats at the seams. After several days of work I had what I felt was the neatest little car in the world, and a convertible to boot! As with most people, this, my first car, holds a large soft spot in my heart. I drove this car as my main transportation throughout high school, college, the early years of marriage, and even well into my present career. I was fortunate to be able to keep it all this time. Over the years, as I was required to use and abuse this car time and time again, I promised myself that one day I would restore it to "show room" condition. I am now hip deep into that dream.


Covering the full restoration of the car will require numerous "editions" on this web site, each edition concentrating on a different general area of the car. I purchased and owned for a time a 1965 Falcon Futura Hard Top and will occasionally include photos & descriptions from that car for a comparison, to show procedures or features on another model Falcon, and to discuss similarities & differences between '64 and '65 Falcons. Occasionally, special editions containing material related to maintaining, working on, or modifying Falcons in general will be included in this site. I will also include some editions containing general tips that I think could be helpful. Much of this site will also apply to the early Mustangs since they were built on the Falcon assembly line and were essentially Falcons with different bodies.  


I plan to update this site every so often by adding a new edition. However, enjoying my family life, engaging in church service, earning a living, and continuing the restoration my '64 Falcon all take priority, so if a new edition doesn't show up in a while, please be patient.


Feel free to save these pages to your computer for your personal use and future reference--no other use is authorized without prior written permission from me. I will keep as many editions on this Web site as space allows. As my allotted space begins to fill up on the server, I will remove the oldest version when I upload a new one. Photos & text from that oldest version will then be deleted, so if you want to keep a copy of it be sure to save it and all the photos while you can.


Disclaimer: This site is not intended to instruct or teach anyone in proper or safe methods of working on or maintaining any type of vehicle or use of any tool and the author takes no responsibility for the use of the information contained herein.


I hope you find this site beneficial--JW